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Southern Comfort Products, Jumbo, Triple Drum, Carder, Electric   wool picker made of pine, spinning wheel roving fiber raw wool drum carder   Spin-Off The Magazine for Handspinners Summer, 1995 Using a Drum Carder Blending   Baby Brother manual belt driven drum carder   NEW STANDARD BROTHER DRUM CARDER COARSE MEDIUM OR FINE TOOTH   STRAUCH MAD BATT'R MOTORIZED STANDARD DRUM CARDER FOR FIBER WOOL ART   Ashford Drum Carder Used for Parts or for Repair   CLEANER CARDER ~ DRUM & HAND CARDERS   Louet Drum Carder EUC   Classic Drum Carder in Solid Ash for spinning &felting   Antique drum carder   NEW STANDARD BROTHER DRUM CARDER COARSE MEDIUM OR FINE TOOTH   Gently Used Strauch "Finest" Drum Carder   72/90tpi Kitten Manual Drum Carder by Fancy Kitty   72/90tpi Kitten Drum Carder w/Brush by Fancy Kitty   90/120tpi Kitten Drum Carder w/Brush by Fancy Kitty   Southern Comfort Products, Standard, Drum Carder, High Quality   SCP, Hand Turned Double Drum Wool Carder with Brush   Drum Carder Cloth - 120 TPI 2 inch width X 16 feet   Drum Carder Cloth - 90 TPI 2 inch width X 24 feet   SCP, "Standard"Triple, Drum Carder,Electric, with brush , High Quality   Batt Picker Save Your Knuckles Drum Carder   Fricke Signature Drum Carder Mini Size Includes Tool Pack Brushes Clamp   SCP, Gold Series, Standard Triple Drum Carder, Electric,   Strauch 205 Wood Frame Drum Carder ~ Fibers ~ Spinning   Strauch Finest 405 Drum Carder ~ Carding ~ Fibers ~ Spinning   Spin-off magazine Summer 1995:using a drum carder; hemp   CLEANER CARDER ~ DRUM & HAND CARDERS ~ SPINNING ~   SCP, Gold Series, JUMBO Triple Drum, Carder, Electric   Drum Carder Cleaning Brush by Fricke   Fricke Signature Drum Carder Full Size Includes Tool Pack   Little brother Motorized 90/120tpi Medium or Fine tooth electric drum carder   Deluxe model manual brother drum wool carder   72/90tpi Kitten Motorized Drum Carder by Fancy Kitty   54/72tpi Kitten Motorized Drum Carder by Fancy Kitty   90/120tpi Kitten Motorized Drum Carder w/Brush by Fancy Kitty   Kitten 90/190 superfine Drum Carder w/Brush by Fancy Kitty   New Baby Brother 4" wide mini size drum carder W/Packer Brush, Clamp and Doffer   ASHFORD original Drum Carder/ FINE 72tpi/ Free Shipping   New Ashford Packer Brush Attachment for Regular Drum Carders Fine or Coarse   New Strauch Finest Motorized Electric Drum Carder & Free Fleece   New Fine Cloth Ashford Drum Carder & Packer Brush   Spin-off magazine Spring 1998: QIVIUT;drum carder;child   New Strauch Petite Drum Carder & 8 oz Free Border Leicester Fleece   New Strauch Mad Batt'r Drum Carder Free Ship   Big Tom Powered Drum Carder by Fancy Kitty   ASHFORD Packer Brush for Standard Drum Carder   Season Sale: A Polycord Driving belt for a DRUM CARDER   Louet Drum Carder   Big Tom XL (wide) Dual Powered Drum Carder by Fancy Kitty   Strauch Petite Drum Carder   New Wild Ashford Drum Carder Free Ship   Strauch Drum Carder 405x2 Doublewide (can be upgraded to elec)